Our winery

Everything started with the work of Battista Ambrosini’s grandfather, now the sons with their mother Candida are carrying the passion for agricultural and livestock farming on.
One of their distinguishing features is a special attention for wine production: wine for family and friends but above all wine of Chardonnay grape variety sold to the most important winemakers in Franciacorta.
The Ambrosini family, that has been interlacing his history with Bornato’s land for many years, bought in the ‘50s the historic palace of XVII century. The palace stands next to the castle in the north side of the hill, the plan is characterised by the unique overturned T shape and via Castello goes through the palace under the famous ‘vault’.
In fact exactly from this vault came the winery name: Antica Volta.
So since 2010 Battista and Candida’s sons have been realizing the father’s dream, that is to put on the wine market a genuine product, made out of the grapevines, that they have been planted and cared for all these many years.
The new Antica Volta winery represents a union between tradition and innovation, which has in the naturalness of the daily life his strong point.

The over 10 hectares of the vineyard plantings are subdivided in 7 vineyards positioned in different areas of the territory of Cazzago San Martino in the heart of Franciacorta, some of them in hill country and others in flat country.
The soil is mostly limestone and clay, with a density of about 5000 logs per hectare and with a yield of 100 quintals per hectare.
Antica Volta is part of Consorzio Vini Franciacorta and the wine is produced in accordance with the strict laws laid down by the Disciplinare of Consorzio.
These laws are the strictest in the world relating to the production of “Metodo Classico” sparkling wine and they are designed for absolute quality.
Love for tradition, combined with innovation. The past revaluated in the present, with a view in a future of quality and passion: this is Antica Volta winery.

Our vineyards

Territory: Hills of Franciacorta land in the municipality of Cazzago San Martino.

Wine variety: 100% chardonnay, cultivated with the exclusive Guyot system, with a low impact for the environment and without chemical.

Vinification: The harvest is made exclusively by hand and the grapes are chosen accurately and put into small boxes, then they are brought to the press house and the clusters are pressed very gently; the fermentation of the must takes place in steel tanks in a regulated temperature. In spring of the following year, the wine in the bottle receives a syrup composed of sugar and yeasts and a new fermentation starts. This fermentation in bottle lasts 18 months for the Brut, 24 months for the Pas Dosé. After two quality assurance exams, analytical and organoleptic, the wine can be released to the market.